50th Anniversary Celebration Ideas

When preparing a 50th Golden Anniversary there’s a lot to celebrate. My loved ones and that i celebrated our parents golden anniversary earlier this June and also share our party planning tips. These pointers includes selecting an area, selecting invitations, in addition to tips about photographs in the function.


Planning for a celebration of the importance has got the feeling similar to planning for a wedding. And in this way it’s similar, with regards to securing an area for that event, it’s not uncommon to start planning around 18 several weeks before the anniversary. Research at this time may include telephoning several local hotels using the following questions:

May be the facility/room on the preferred time and date?

What is the charge or fee for utilisation of the room?

What’s the guest capacity from the room?

Will the hotel offer catering?

If you have narrowed your research to 3 possible locations, decide to visit these to determine whether the area and placement feels suitable for your gathering. This is a period to go over flowers, table plans, staffing and gratuities with hotel management. Whenever you feel you’ve guaranteed the very best place for the celebration, you may want to sign an agreement outlining the date of the event and extra information discussed using the location sales director.

Guest Invitations

Begin with a list of guests and choose if you’d like to transmit Save-The-Date cards. These may be discovered online or in a paper, office supply, or credit card store. There are lots of styles and styles available to meet your requirements. If time or expense is an issue, consider emailing your list of guests using the Save-The Date information.

Invitations could be sent two several weeks before the event, but no after six days prior to the event. Professionally printed invitations can be found in a number of styles, fonts, paper, and fashions. Allow lots of time to order these because the delivery time can vary from vendor to vendor. There are lots of websites available to find the perfect invitation. Alternatively, office supply stores carry beautiful invitation kits which are very affordable and can include the invites and envelopes, in addition to response cards and corresponding envelopes that may also be used as Notecards. Utilizing an inkjet printer these can be created at home for a small fraction of the price of getting invitations printed. Make use of a thin gold permanent marker to deal with the invitation and response card envelopes for any professional look.

Gifts and Memory Cards

Frequently occasions married people celebrating this milestone anniversary will ask that there not be any gifts, sometimes having a phrase which follow printed around the invitation: “No gifts please, your presence is the greatest present”.

One special method of honoring this request but still gifting all of them with a loving and memorable item would be to ask each individual around the list of guests to accomplish and return a storage device. Around the storage device could be a special or significant memory, photos if preferred, of occasions spent along with the celebrating couple. Prepaid credit cards and photos can be put inside a special album and given to the celebrating couple before or throughout the celebration. When the couple opens the memory album throughout the celebration, each guest can be part of the recollections too. This can be a wonderful chance for those to talk about within the celebration and occasions spent together and will also be a valued item for many years.


Finally, some suggestions on photographs at the event.

Really the best way forward for photographing the big event would be to begin taking photographs early.

Take photos on your planning phase, on your formulations, even though establishing or get yourself ready for the celebration. Start taking photos as visitors arrive, covering each guest as well as using the anniversary couple. Remember to hang about until all persons understand that you’d like to consider an image, so you’ve an excellent photo. Asking if a person would mind getting their photo taken is a superb method of prepping everybody to check out your camera and say cheese!

With many cameras today being digital you’re only restricted to the quantity of available memory. If you don’t such as the photo, it may be deleted and the other could be taken. Bring extra batteries too.

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